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dimanche 18 mai 2014, par sebmenard

J’ai repensé au digital nomadism de Mahigan Lepage :

Digital nomadism hence represents a new social and geographical phenomena that is changing the way people inhabit the world. It casts doubt on the traditional idea of a stable and fixed “home”. It’s not just about moving periodically from one place to another. When a digital nomad travels to another location, he usually doesn’t bring a lot of stuff with him. Not so many clothes or objects, and certainly no furniture. When he uses a place as his (temporary) base, he will buy a few things, of course, but he won’t accumulate too many. He’ll think twice before buying something big, expensive or difficult to resell, knowing that he may move again the next month or the next year.

à propos de mobility et nomadism :

Now, what difference is there, if any, between nomadism and mobility ? Both concepts are very similar. Except that, in my opinion, nomadism is a way to inhabit the world, while mobility is a way to inhabit the city. Nomadism implies moving from one territory to another, while one can be mobile in a single territory. Nomads move from here to there, mobile-people move from here to here…

If you commute in a city, there is no ailleurs, no nomadism. If you take the train, the bus or even the plane from one city to another inside the same country, there is no real culture-crossing, no deterritorialization.

Il y a beaucoup de choses très intéressantes là – relire ça en préparation du départ à vélo (quand).

Découvre le très beau Rimbaud d’André Rougier en ligne sur : j’aime particulièrement lorsque le blanc occupe tout l’écran et que le texte les images viennent par endroits à être dans l’espace (et je repense à certaines éditions de poésie).

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