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journal permanent | 26 octobre 2020

lundi 26 octobre 2020, par sebmenard

matin d’automne

je m’humide
en boue froide

quelque chose finit quelque chose commence
j’humus et

une poésie pour
« cesse de nuire » ?

But what I can say is that it has to do with thousands and thousands of years of love for this forest, for this place. Love in the deepest sense, as reverence. This forest has taught us how to walk lightly, and because we have listened, learned and defended her, she has given us everything : water, clean air, nourishment, shelter, medicines, happiness, meaning. And you are taking all this away, not just from us, but from everyone on the planet, and from future generations.

It is the early morning in the Amazon, just before first light : a time that is meant for us to share our dreams, our most potent thoughts. And so I say to all of you : the Earth does not expect you to save her, she expects you to respect her. And we, as Indigenous peoples, expect the same.